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The Mouj Maalik School of Music established in the year 2010 for teaching Indian Classical and Western Classical Music. It is one of the professional and reputed music schools in Delhi which nurture the skills of the students and develops the students to create long term sustainable career to become Artists, Composers and Facilitators in few specialized areas with experienced experts. In association with Trinity College London, Music Teachers Board and Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad University. MMSM is well known for its music courses in Guitar (Acoustic, Classical and Bass), Electronic Keyboard, Drum Set, Piano, Tabla, Western Vocals, Indian Vocals. It also provides a short-term course in Music Production and Audio Engineering which helps students to become true musicians by learning a few stages required in the process.

A Piano Institute Like No Other

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Meet Our Team

Michael D. Walker
Classical Piano Lecturer

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July Roberts
Pop Piano Lecturer

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Yui Ishihara
Jazz Piano Lecturer

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Jonathan Dean
Blues Piano Lecturer

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